Christian Troger was born on 8 October 1983 without left leg and without left acetabulum. Doctors told his parents, that their son would never be able to walk. At the age of 14 months fortunately he provided rebuttal of these opinions.


However, later on the future of the young man didn't look either promising. He lived an unhealthy life, was a heavy smoker and didn't skip any party. His life was passing him by. Christian lost his footing and wandered around aimlessly. In his mid-twenties he was just before the complete personal and economical collapse.




Not a moment too soon, Christian recognized, that only he alone is responsible for his life. He made a sweeping U-turn. Christian set the impossible seemed goal to participate successfully in an Ironman, the longest distance in professional triathlon. In 2011 he accomplished the unbelievable. Christian became the first man with one leg who finished the Ironman Austria after 3.8 km of swimming, 180 km of cycling and 42.2 km of running.

Meanwhile, Christian is multiple World Champion and European Champion in triathlon and duathlon.


In July 2015 Christian published his first book entitled "Geht nicht - läuft! Mein Triathlon ins Leben - ein autobiografischer Ratgeber" (available only in German but means more or less: "Impossible - things are going! My triathlon into life - an autobiographical guide"). Already 3 weeks after publishing, this book was bestseller in category "Coaching" on Amazon.


In May 2016 Christian endet his impressive sports career to use the knowledge he gained for his professional career.

As a Keynote Speaker and Lecturer he inspires and motivates the audience within the frame of events, trainings, conventions and roadshows. He gives people something to think about which will be remembered for a long time.


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