International Business Development

After graduating from the federal commercial school at Spittal an der Drau in 2002, Christian Troger headed to work at the provincial government of Carinthia and became an employee in the cabinet of the former governor Dr. Jörg Haider. Although he received a permanent position as a public officer already after one year he realized, that a civil service career doesn't fit with his focus on performance and personal commitment. So he decided to become part-time self employed in 2004.


From 2006 Christian Troger focused full-time on his self employed career. His main focus was on the topics sales and marketing.


The skills he earned during this time helped Christian Troger also during his sports career. He took care of his own management, his marketing and also his press relations. It turned out that this was the right decision, because - although he was a disabled athlete in a fringe sport - he was able to make a living of his revenues as a sportsman. 


Also the marketing of his bestseller book, which was published in 2015, Christian Troger did on his own.


After the end of his career as a professional athlete in 2016, Christian Troger became an International Sales Manager for one of the largest office furniture suppliers in the world and was responsible for the sales of 13 countries in middle, south-east and eastern Europe. By means of consistent and reliable activities, he was able to set up and expand the sales structures in his area and thus significantly increase the sales figures.

Christian Troger can support you in the following fields:

  • Market development
  • Development of distribution channels
  • Establishing contacts with potential business partners
  • Acquisition of customers and business partners
  • Common composition of an USP
  • Development and implementation of marketing and distribution strategies
  • Market analysis, market investigation, market forecast
  • Customer and competition analysis
  • Export consultancy
  • Communication with customers and business partners
  • International project management
  • Planning and execution of sales trainings and workshops
  • Office space planning and workplace design


Knowledge of languages:

  • Germand (first language)
  • English (fluent, contractual level)
  • Italian (communication-safe)
  • Spanish (basics)