Customer's Opinion

Frank Stronach (Founder of Magna Empire and Stronach Group)

You have shown in your life that you have picked yourself up, despite setbacks. Thereby you have proven that you can overcome even the most difficult situations and build up your life. I appreciate your motivation and your power to motivate others. This force is inspiring for young and old.


Franz Klammer (Skiing Legend)

Christian Troger is a great role model for many people. Willpower, Courage, Morale, Endurance and Self Discipline are just a few words that describe this extraordinary man.


Ulla Weigerstorfer (Miss World 1987)

Christian Troger is an unique example of how far one can come with clear goals, motivation, discipline and endurance. As an initiator he makes an incredibly valuable contribution to our society.


DDr. Christian Pongratz (Business Consultant, Best-Selling Author and Business Cabaretist)

There are good motivators and very good motivators. But there is only one Christian Troger.


Mag. Markus Unterdorfer-Morgenstern (CEO Lebensraum Immobilien)

Your comments mesmerized and touched me. You are a true role model in diligence, endurance, discipline and above very sympathic.


Mag. (FH) Sigrid Seebacher (Austrian Anadi Bank AG)

Goals are there to be exceeded - ever since the motivational lecture by Christian Troger everyone knows that a small goal is a start, but there is still room for improvement. And he strengthened especially the sense - you win but you also lose in your head. Nothing is impossible if the will, willing and wishes are strong enough.


Renate Krüger-Fischer (Stronach Group)

I would like to thank you again for your great and inspiring lecture. You have enriched, touched and stirred everyone of us. We have never had such a great feedback.


Gerhard Pirih (Mayor of the city Spittal an der Drau)

Honestly, it touched my heart how you described your way. You are a great role model not only for the youth, but for everyone who wants to tackle realistic goals.


Andreas Hofer (Hella Sonnen- und Wetterschutztechnik GmbH)

Whether in private, sports or professional life. From your lecture I can take a lot to me. I want to thank you again. Your lecture was very inspiring and motivating for me.


Dr. Johannes Granitzer (Grazer Wechselseitige Versicherung)

Thank you for your fascinating lecture. You gave many of my colleagues and me something to think about for business and private life.


Marc A. Lang (TTTech Automotive GmbH)

Your lecture and your achievements have impressed everyone of us. At yesterdays evening event there was unlimited enthusiasm among all participants.


Christina Morgenstern, Ph.D. (Viktor Frankl University)

You really thrilled the mass of people. And this is not easy in this clientele.


Birgit Mosser (Austrian Federal Economic Chamber)

I would like to thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much for your lecture. You have affected the youth as well as everyone else in the hall. It was just fantastic.


Prof. Dr. med. Carol-C. Hasler (University children's hospital Basel)

Many thanks to you. Your impressive lecture had a very positive response.


Mag. Peter Buchauer (FELIX AUSTRIA GmbH)

I would like to thank you for your great lecture. It was excellent.


Gabriele Behm (Corning International)

The team was very impressed by your presentation and your story!