Duration:     15 bis 90 Minuten (customer wish)

Language:    Deutsch oder Englisch



Experience the stirring story of Christian Troger and allow yourself to be inspired by him. Mixed up with videos, images and dialogue with the audience, he describes his impressive path.

  • A path from the "disabled" child without prospect towards a man, who has both feet on the ground.
  • A path from the disoriented young man just before the complete personal and economical collapse towards an international successful athlete, lecturer and book author.

Christian Troger provides, how he has managed to bring positive changes in his life. He shows the importance of having clear goals and which factors are helping to achieve one's goal. Furthermore he gives impetus on how to deal with difficulties, obstacles, fears and defeats.

  • With practical examples he shows participants similarities quite plainly to their own life.

His lectures are getting under the skin, touching, fascinating and inspiring.

Simultaneously they are highliting what achievements people are able to do.




Contents (depending on length of lecture and customer wish):

  • Your attitude determines about your future.
  • Dreams are showing you new opportunities.
  • From a dream towards a clear goal.
  • Important factors to achieve my goals.
  • How to deal with doubt and pessimism.
  • Overcoming personal limitations.
  • Conquer your fear!
  • Defeats and failures have a meaning.
  • Obstacles can not stop me.
  • Finding your purpose.
  • Never give up!
  • My golden rules for World Champions.