(Firmen)Events / Incentives

By request, Christian Troger is also available for sports activities for your company, your organization, your group or personally for you.


With pleasure he spends a couple of sportive hours with you, your employees, customers, business partners or friends. It doesn't matter whether common swimming, a cycling tour, a run or a ski tour. A sports day with Christian Troger is a special experience and - underwritten - amazes you and your circle. 


Christian Troger is also available to work on a common goal together with your employees, for example a business run. He can give recommendations to participants of each level on how to keep fit and supervises you active on the way to your common sportive goal. 


Common sportive activities strengthen cohesion, performance increases and the number of sick leave decreases. Consequently your entire company benefits. 


It is recommended to book events combined with a lecture. Please contact Christian Troger directly via the contact form, by mail or by phone. With pleasure he will create an individual offer together with you.